eFuel semi-pilot system

A semi-pilot system will arrive at the end of the year as part of the eFuel project!

The delegation of our eFuel project took a visit to Paris, where they negotiated with Vinci Technologies about the semi-pilot system arriving at the end of the year, the technology of which was clarified to the smallest details during the trip. 

The 3-reactor plant will produce liquid fuel from carbon dioxide and e-hydrogen, that is hydrogen produced from pure water with the help of electricity from solar energy. The resulting liquid fuel is similar to naturally mined crude oil, from which gasoline, diesel, kerosene or even heavier oils can be produced. 

The production quantity will be in kg per day, which means 1,000 times the size compared to the production in laboratory. After that, producing on an industrial scale is just a step away!   

This system, which can serve as a kind of solution to climate change, is unique in Hungary and will be among the first on international level as well!