Energy consumption habits I.

What is it: can we contribute to mitigating climate change and even save money with it?

Energy consumption based on dynamic hourly rates!

It is favorable for consumers, since they pay less for electricity, and it is also useful in connection with the storability problem of renewable energies, since in the case of overproduction there is no need e.g. for a storage solution or to shut down the power plants, as the energy is used in the homes of the citizens.

A Dutch association, ANWB represents the interests of its members with a unique range of service activities. It supplies energy based on a dynamic hourly rates - thereby changing the energy consumption habits of the citizens. In a study, ANWB examined and analyzed 100,000 customers and came up with a number of interesting findings.

The infographic below is just the beginning - we will bring more exciting details about the results of the research soon!